Here at SALT, we love to foster and encourage the performing arts in the youth of Chester County. Theatre's a place where a community of people cut from the same cloth can come together to create, express, and grow. And it is especially awesome when YOUTH discover a purpose in this field. We've been honored to have so many talented youth come through our doors the past few years. So we want to continue to fan their flame as they continue to grow in their performing arts abilities. So here comes SALT's Got Talent...a singing competition for those that are ages 18 and under. The Grand Prize winner will receive $1,000 in cash and the 1st Runner Up will receive $500 in cash. And everyone involved will have a total blast as they are encouraged in their talents.

Here are the details...

  • The competition is for those ages 18 and under as of October 2017.
  • We held auditions for the competition on August 10. Of the 75 audition slots, 24 finalists were selected by the judges to participate in the competition. They each sang 32 measures of a Broadway show tune with a live accompanist. 
  • The dates of the competition will be September 22, September 28, October 13, and October 27.
  • On the first night, all 24 contestants will sing a song of their choosing. The category of the first night will be: Broadway Showstoppers. 7 contestants will be eliminated at the end of the night. On the second night, 17 will sing a song from a different category (From the Movies). Then 7 more will be eliminated. On the third night, 10 contestants will sing 2 songs each (a ballad and an uptempo, From the Radio). Then 5 will be eliminated. On the final night, the final 5 contestants will sing 3 songs each (2 Broadway showtunes and 1 NON-Broadway tune). The winners will be announced that night. 
  • View BIOS of the judges.
  • Tickets will be sold to the competition nights at $15 each. 


Also for those ages 18 and under: If you love to draw or paint, you may submit one piece of artwork to be displayed throughout the theatre building during the singing competition. Votes will be cast for the favorite art piece, and the winner will receive a $250 cash prize. Artwork submissions will be collected at the theatre. Email to arrange a drop-off time prior to September 22. They must come with a label of the artwork's title and the age of the artist. The name of the artist must be on the BACK. It must also be accompanied by a floor or table easel for display.