Audition Date

Wednesday , June 24 2020, beginning at 5:30PM

Performances & Rehearsals

Performances will be July 24 & 25 with a potential added performance on July 26.

Rehearsal will take place on Thursday, July 23

Audition Prep

Auditions will take place in the side Meeting Room at SALT, so please arrive to the side courtyard to check in. You will be let in one at a time to sing at an X on the floor that will be properly spaced away from the audition table. Parents may stand inside the door to listen/watch if they'd like.

Kids are to bring sheet music to sing two songs from Broadway (please be sure the songs are age-appropriate; kids should not sing I Dreamed a Dream- ha!). They can be prepared to sing the songs in their entirety, but if we are running tight on time, we may ask them to give us the best 32 measure cut of each.

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