all donations are welcome AND TAX DEDUCTIBLE UNDER SALT'S 501c3 status.

thank you for supporting the arts in chester county


SALT Performing Arts strives to partner with you in enriching our community.  Our yearlong season is filled with crowd-pleasing favorites, which brings thousands of patrons to Historic Chester Springs from all over the tri county area and beyond. This year, we have obtained our non-profit status. In making this important step, we hope to further engage donors and businesses within the community to protect the growth of SALT.

Please know that SALT is a non-profit organization and your donation is 100% fully tax-deductible by law. Our U.S. Tax ID Number is 81-3277906. You can view our 501c3 status here.

By sponsoring SALT Performing Arts, you provide us with the opportunity continue to keep our artistic standards high, fostering the theatre all while showcasing your personal and professional commitment to the arts in the Chester County.

In order to continue to offer exceptional theatre and youth programs, many items are needed in order to accomplish those goals. The properties listed below are just a few highlights we are required to obtain, in addition to our operating expenses. These items are above and beyond salaries, that allow us to continue to partner with Broadway experienced staff members, rights to hit shows, playbill / marketing material, as well as current facility rental costs. The following vital assets must come from generous donors and from our annual fundraising efforts.

  • Capital Fund Campaign to build a larger, privately owned facility, ideally in Chester Springs
  • Lighting, sound board / lighting board, speakers and scaffolding
  • Costume and Prop rentals, Set building materials
  • Scholarship program for the underprivileged youth members of Chester County
  • Intercom and backstage communication system
  • Boundary and cordless microphones, scrim and projection equipment
  • Lighting, sound board / lighting board, speakers and scaffolding