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Audition Date

Auditions for Evita will take place at the West Chester Center for Performing and Fine Arts (AKA: "CPFA" Address: 211 Carter Dr, West Chester, 19382) on Saturday, January 11, 2020 via time slots between 9AM - 4PM. To register for a time slot, click here. Callbacks will take place at CPFA by invitation only on Sunday, January 12 at 1PM and will include a dance call.

Performances & Rehearsals

Performances will be April 17-26, 2020 (Fridays-Sundays), with potentially-added performances. Refer to the production schedule here for the complete rehearsal and performance schedule requirements for cast members. Tech Week will be April 11-16 (off for Easter Sunday). 

Audition Prep

Everyone auditioning should prepare to sing 2 song selections. The first song should be chosen from this link that holds selections we have pre-selected for each character from EVITA. The second song can be of your choosing and does NOT need to be from the show...choose something that shows off what you can do as a performer! Please bring your sheet music in a binder for our accompanist. Notes for each character's pre-selected songs are listed below in the character descriptions. *Please note: If you are gunning for the role of Eva or Teen Eva, be prepared to sing all of the selections we have chosen for those characters. No need to prepare an additional song beyond those.

Production Description


Our version of Evita will be outside-of-the-box and innovative. We will be presenting the classic telling of the story through the lens of media, paparazzi, and the public eye. While staying true to the characters and preserving the authenticity of the story-line, we intend to present audiences with a truly unique depiction of Evita.  


Eva Peron: Seeking a powerhouse female singer/actress mezzo-soprano/belter, stage age 19-35. Must move well, be able to present resilience, vulnerability, charisma, and be opportunistic with her sexuality. Song Selections: RAINBOW HIGH measures 43-end, DON'T CRY FOR ME ARGENTINA entire song (show us your range of acting in this number), A NEW ARGENTINA measures 112-119, all listed as three separate files titled "Eva". You do not need to prepare an additional song beyond these three selections.

Peron: Seeking a male baritone, stage age 40-50 (noticeably older than Eva). He rises to become the Argentine President. He must present as dignified, charming, and authoritative. Song Selection: BALCONY OF THE CASA ROSADA listed as "Peron" measures 6-31, it is a speech so it can be talk-singing on pitch.

Che: Seeking a male tenor, stage age mid-20's to late-30's. He must be a master storyteller, the narrator, and Greek chorus of the show. Must move well and have a rock tenor voice that can sing a low A to high B, and a falsetto to high F. Song Selection: OH WHAT A CIRCUS labeled as "Che" measures 102-162, we want to hear measures 155&156 up the octave.

Peron's Mistress: Seeking a young female, stage age 16-25, that can sing a light contemporary mix to E. She must embody innocence. Song Selection: OH WHAT A CIRCUS listed as "Women Other than Eva" measures 193-214.

Magaldi: Seeking a male baritone, stage age 30-40, with a borderline over-the-top characterization. Song Selection: ON THIS NIGHT labeled as "Magaldi" measures 1-46.

Teen Eva: Seeking a teen female, stage age 14-19. Teen Eva will play Eva Peron for the beginning of the show, with additional appearances throughout the rest of the show. Song Selections: ON THIS NIGHT OF A THOUSAND STARS measures 48-190, all the parts she sings throughout that number, and BUENOS AIRES measures 1-56, both songs in one file titled "Teen Eva". You do not need to prepare an additional song beyond these two selections.

Child: Seeking a male or female age 7-10 who sings a solo in the show. Song Selection: SANTA EVITA measures 2-33 listed as "Child".

Ensemble: We are seeking an ensemble of 5 men and 5 women who appear ages 18+ to sing and dance throughout the entire show as multiple characters. These performers must have high physical and vocal stamina, be engaging in their stage presence, as well as have versatility in their characterizations. Women Ensemble Song selection: OH WHAT A CIRCUS listed as "Women Other than Eva" measures 193-214. Men Ensemble Song Selection: RAINBOW TOUR listed as "Men Ensemble" measures 18-36.


Each cast member will receive a $100 stipend.