Step 1: Submit an AUDITION FORM prior to auditions.

Step 2: Register for a time slot via SIGN UP GENIUS.

Audition Date

Auditions will take place via time slots on the evening of July 1.

Callbacks, including the dance call, will take place on the afternoon of Sunday July 5.

Performances & Rehearsals

Performances will take place on the following dates. We require that potential cast members have availability for all performances.

  • Friday Sep 11, 7pm

  • Saturday Sep 12, 2pm & 7pm

  • Sunday Sep13, 3pm (potential added show at 11am)

  • (potential added show on Thursday, Sep 17, 7pm) 

  • Friday Sep 18, 7pm

  • Saturday Sep 19, 2pm & 7pm

  • Sunday Sep 20, 3pm (potential added show at 11am)

  • (potential added show on Thursday, Sep 24, 7pm)   

  • Friday Sep 25, 7pm

  • Sat Sep 26, 2pm & 7pm

Rehearsals will take place on Sunday, Monday, & Wednesday evenings beginning on July 12 through opening. Tech week will be all evenings between September 6-10. 10am-10pm rehearsals will take place on August 30 & September 6.

Audition Format

Please prepare the following based on the role for which you are auditioning:

Juan Peron:

"I'd Be Surprisingly Good for You" (Measures 55 - 61) SHEET MUSIC HERE

"On the Balcony of the Casa Rosada" (Measures 6 - 31) SHEET MUSIC HERE

Agustin Magaldi:
"On This Night of a Thousand Stars" (Measures 1 - 44) SHEET MUSIC HERE



"Another Suitcase in Another Hall" (Measures 38 - End) SHEET MUSIC HERE

Female Ensemble:

"Oh What a Circus" (Measures 193 - 212)  SHEET MUSIC HERE


Each cast member will receive a $100 gas stipend.

Character Descriptions

At the beginning of this year, we held auditions and fully cast our production of Evita. We were 4 weeks away from opening the show when the COVID-19 shut-down took effect. Since then, a lot has transpired in our society that has inspired us to improve and evolve our casting guidelines. One of our newly defined guidelines that we will follow going forward is to honor the ethnicity and culture of characters that are either based on real people or clearly written to be of a certain ethnicity by taking intentional and active steps to cast representative performers in those roles when possible.


Now that we are able to reopen our doors and begin to present live theatre again, we had an opportunity with Evita to take a few steps back in our process in order to truly take a step forward in this direction of better representation on our stage. This was a decision that did not come about lightly given the fact that we were already several months into this show's process with a wonderful cast. We engaged our leads in the conversation regarding the roles of Eva, Juan Peron and Magaldi (historical, named, Latinx figures in the story). In an effort to support our new casting guideline, the actors portraying those roles have graciously volunteered to step down in order to allow for better representation. The narrating role of 'Che' was originally written for the original concept album as an 'everyman' of the lower/working class. Our vision is consistent with this; Che serving as the Greek chorus and bridge between the audience and the 4th wall, therefore, our casting for this role remains unchanged.


This new casting guideline in conjunction with the new performance schedule precluding other cast members has resulted in our opportunity to open auditions for the roles listed below.


For roles listed as open ethnicity, we would love to fill as many of those roles with Latinx performers, as well; however, since Argentina was a melting pot of people from all over the world (much like New York City), we are open to all to fill those roles.    

The roles we are seeking:

Juan Peron

An aspiring army officer who rises to become the President of Argentina. Stately, charismatic and charming, Peron requires both the strength to command the room as well as legible sensitivity during Eva's final years. Vocal range: Baritone. Age: 40s+ (Must appear older than Eva). Ethnicity: Latino 

Agustin Magaldi

A tango singer who takes advantage of teenage Eva and her yearning for a route to the big city. A showman reeking of sleaziness and manipulation, Magaldi's patience for Eva turns from opportunistic to aggravation once he finds that his one night stand has overstayed her welcome. “Cheesy” baritone. Age: 25+ (Must appear older than teen Eva). Ethnicity: Latino


A young love to Juan Peron who is removed from his life following the arrival of Eva. Mezzo soprano. Vulnerable yet nursing a secret strength. Performs "Another Suitcase in Another Hall" with a contemporary high mixed voice. Age: 16-22 (Must appear younger than Peron and Eva). This role does not double as an ensemble member. Ethnicity: Open

Female Ensemble:

Portrays the melting pot which is Argentina. Strong focus on technical dance. Vocal range: All female ranges. Age: 16+. Ethnicity: Open.

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