SALT's Rise Up Fundraiser

2020 Season_13_Rise Up Wide_nov.jpg

Ever since the shut-down this past March, we have been doing our very best to ADAPT to the circumstances to keep our community connected and the arts alive. It has been an extremely challenging year, but through it all, we have brought the community our online Cooped Up Cabarets, Pass the SALT online, Beyond the Walls outside drive-in concerts, A Good Ol Fashioned Variety Show on our back patio, and soon The Last Five Years on our back patio, Nunsense with performers in boxes (ha!), and a Holiday something (TBD). We've had to think outside of the box to produce these things with so many safety guidelines and precautions in place...and nothing is back to normal yet. 

Our community has been generous and we are so thankful to be able to say that we have maintained our lease with the Township, expanded into a 2nd theatre location, and paid our staff through all of this without going into debt. But the struggle right now is real. Ours is one of the industries that has been hit the hardest, and it will be one of the last to be fully functioning on the other side of this pandemic.


To celebrate our 6 year anniversary and to continue to "remain in flight" through all of this, we are holding a ONE NIGHT ONLY fundraising event on November 27 at 7PM called RISE UP. We will be featuring a musical number from every musical we've ever done with the original cast members performing them!

We will be putting the SALT tree logo on that stairwell wall with birds flying up that will have the name of anyone who buys a ticket ... because the community continues to be the wind beneath our wings, helping us to stay in flight during this time, and we don't EVER want to forget it. Will you RISE UP to this occasion to help keep SALT and the Arts alive? Secure your tickets today!

Due to developments of Covid 19 in Pennsylvania, SALT is transitioning this event to be fully virtual, with live-stream URL emailed to all ticket purchasers. No in-person seating will be available. Thank you for you understanding!

* Please note that as a fund-raiser, tickets cannot be purchased for this event using 2020 Season Passes or ticket bundles.