SALTy Assassins

For the month of March, we will play the game Assassins. The goal of this game is for the SALT community to have a month of socially-distanced interacting and also to be the last person standing. The winner will split a 50/50 pot of cash with SALT.


Here's the game overview:

  • You register to play by buying a $30 ticket. This goes into the pot of cash to be split with the winner.

  • Everyone who registers to play is secretly assigned a target, who is another player in the game.

  • The way you eliminate your target from the game is to squirt them with a water gun somewhere outside. This often requires the help of others to coordinate, but you can also be sneaky on your own. (Take a picture or video of the elimination to upload to our Assassins google drive so we can enjoy a highlights reel once the game is all done.)

  • Once your target has been eliminated, your new target becomes whomever was THEIR target.

  • The entire time, someone is also after you. :)

  • Each member of your family can play! Join in on the fun!

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