Step 1

Submit an AUDITION FORM prior to auditions.

Step 2

Sign up for which audition night you plan to attend here.

*If you are unable to attend either night of auditions, you may submit an audition form and email to coordinate a possible alternative date/time to be seen.

About This Play

We believe it is important to inspire local playwrights to put pen to paper when they have ideas. Each year, we will receive script submissions from local playwrights for SALT to produce their show and bring their stories to life. Our first annual Local Playwright Production will feature the play The Best-Laid Plans for Romance by Michael Tarringer, who will also Direct his piece as it is brought to life for the first time on a stage.  

COVID Precautions

At this time, SALT requires masks be worn for all rehearsals. In order to avoid disruptions to our rehearsal and performance schedule, only vaccinated individuals will be considered for casting. Audience seating may be sold at full capacity. As the guidance changes in the months ahead, we will also adjust our precautions.

Audition Date

Auditions will take place in-person workshop-style on October 3 & 4, 2021 from 7-9PM at the SALT West Chester location (19 Hagerty Blvd, Unit 14, 19382). Please sign up for which night you plan to attend above. You will likely be asked to stay for the duration of the two hours. 

Performances & Rehearsals

The show will run at SALT's West Chester black box theatre location on the weekends of January 14-23, 2022. Tech Week will be January 9-13, 2022. The rehearsal schedule will be based on the actors' availability (please submit all schedule conflicts on the audition form above). 

Audition Format

We will conduct auditions workshop-style by having all actors read sides together. You may find all of the sides here to prepare in advance. Copies will be available at the auditions.

Play Synopsis

Between work, going to school at night, and refereeing her parents’ arguments, Maggie Green does not have much time for fun. Maggie’s father, Max, has been oblivious to his wife’s attempts to have the couple become close again, and, instead, complains to old friends about how difficult married life can be. While Max would prefer to spend time watching baseball games, the advice he gets from his daughter and friends inspires Max to try to reconnect with his wife, but fate interferes with everyone’s plans for a little romance.

Character Descriptions

We are seeking a diverse group of non-Equity actors to fill the following nine roles:


Maggie Green – Daughter of Ruth and Max. She is in her 20s, a non-traditional college student who works and goes to school at night.


Max Green – He is married to Ruth and in his 50s; a passionate baseball fan and believer in the “good-old days.” He is too busy with his own insecurities to realize how good life can be.


Ruth Green – She is married to Max and in her 50s. She has been lonely since her kids have grown and left the house, so she hopes to be a grandmother soon, but would settle for being closer to her husband.


Ira Feinberg – He is in his 50s and a close friend to Max for many years. He is divorced, but still a believer in relationships and always tries to have fun.


Faye Lawson – She is in her 50s and went to high school with Max. She is an attractive and personable woman who would like to settle down with the right guy.


Laura Fields – She is in her 20s to 30s; she is Maggie’s roommate and works in hospital administration. She is in an on-again/off-again relationship with Don.


David Becker – He is in his late 20s to 30s, a divorced doctor who recently moved to New York and works with Laura.


Don Carter – He is in his 30s and is easy-going; he is dating Laura.


Doc – (can be played by a man or woman) a psychiatrist in his/her mid-30s to 50s.


This is a volunteer community theater production and does not offer compensation.