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Welcome to the SALT Merch Shop!

We're not just a theatre – we're a lifestyle. SALT merchandise makes a great gift or a treat for yourself, benefits your local community theatre, and shares our message of uplifting the community through the arts!

How we do apparel:

To keep storage manageable here at our little theatre, we stock some apparel but take pre-orders for the rest. Three times a year, we place a large order from our printer. This means your order may take some time, but we promise – our high-quality products are worth waiting for. ;-)

2024 Pre-Ordering:

IN-STOCK items are always available! Shop Now >


To pre-order specific sizes/colors, place your order any time and keep in mind our 2024 Ordering Dates:

DECEMBER to MARCH: Pre-Ordering Open

Orders Placed by March 15 are delivered by April 30

MARCH to JULY: Pre-Ordering Open

Orders placed by July 15 are delivered by August 30

JULY to OCTOBER: Pre-Ordering Open

Orders placed by Nov 10 are delivered by December 23

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