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Step One:

Submit an online Audition Form.

Step Two:

Register for an audition slot here.

Audition Dates

Initial auditions for everyone except children for potential Munchkins will take place in person via time slots (register above) on June 4 & 6 at SALT's Chester Springs location (1645 Art School Rd, 19425). 

If you absolutely cannot make an in-person time slot on either evening (which is much preferred), video submissions will be accepted, emailed to by June 3. Please put "Wizard of Oz Audition" in the subject of the email.

Children auditioning for Munchkins will come to the open casting call on June 11 at 5:30PM at SALT in Chester Springs. See below for further details.


Callbacks will take place if necessary and by invitation on the evening of June 11th at SALT's Chester Springs location.

Performance Dates

Performances will take place on the weekends of September 6-22, 2024 at SALT's Chester Springs location (1645 Art School Rd, 19425). 


Rehearsals will primarily take place on Sunday afternoons, Tuesday evenings, and Thursday evenings. Tech & Performances take place in Chester Springs. Rehearsals will often be in SALT's West Chester location, and sometimes in Chester Springs, beginning with the Read Through on June 18th. Please review the rehearsal and production schedule here to put any known conflicts on your audition form and take note of locations.

Audition Format

The vision for this show is magical, outside of the box, and creative. We are not looking for people to mimic the characters in the movie, per se. We will absolutely give a tip of the hat to the characters that are expected, but we also want them to be unique to this cast that we put together. So feel free to be a little outside of the box, so long as the essence of the characters are maintained, bring YOU and bold choices to the audition.

For the initial audition (not children auditioning for Munchkins), be prepared to sing 32 measures of any TWO songs in the style of the show with our live accompanist during your scheduled time slot. Song cuts can be from the show, don't have to be from the show. 

Your music should have cuts clearly marked and in a binder for our accompanist.

Please also be prepared to tell us about a magical dream you've had (or make one up) that is 45 seconds or less. We want to hear your storytelling abilities with an ability to paint a picture with your facial expressions and words.


For children auditioning for Munchkins (which will also double as other characters in the show), we are looking to cast performers who are not more than 52 inches tall and not younger than 6. You must submit an online form above and come in person on June 11 at 5:30PM to SALT. Be prepared to participate in a dance call (sneakers are fine) and sing the cuts that are marked here and here.


This is a community theatre production performed on a volunteer basis.


All roles listed below (with some helpful notes) are open and available to performers stage-age-16 and older (aside from Munchkin children), and we encourage all performers to submit for any role regardless of ability, race, ethnicity, sexuality, neurodiversity, and similarity to the source material or original cast. 

DOROTHY GALE – (Range: G3-C5 (opt. E5)), Stage-age 16/17:  Naive and innocent, but also brave, especially when it comes to protecting her friends.

AUNT EM – Emily Gale who also doubles as GLINDA – The Good Witch of the North (Range: G3-C5), Not overly saccharin-sweet like in the movie. We just want her to be genuinely kind and protective.

UNCLE HENRY – Henry Gale who also doubles as EMERALD CITY GUARD (Range: Bb2-Eb4)

ZEKE – Farmhand who also doubles as COWARDLY LION (Range: Bb2-F4) We are not looking for the Lion to come across as overly pathetic. 

HICKORY – Farmhand who also doubles as TINMAN (Range: Bb2-G4) Must be a strong tapper and have finesse with a gentle soul.

HUNK – Farmhand who also doubles as SCARECROW (Range: Bb2-F#4 (opt. Ab4)), Humorous physicality is critical, but also needs to be genuinely endearing.

PROFESSOR CHESTER MARVEL who also doubles as THE WIZARD OF OZ – non-singing role, eclectic, off-beat personality.

Citizens of Munchkinland who also double as Poppies and Snowflakes- children who are not taller than 52 inches and not younger than 6 years old.


Crows –  (Range: B2-E4/B4)
Trees – (Range: B3-C5/E5)

Ozian Beauticians, Polishers, Manicurists

Winkie General – Leader of the Winkies (Range: B2-G3)
Flying Monkeys 
Nikko – Commander of the Monkeys
Jitterbugs & Ghosts – SATB chorus/dancers

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